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I'm practicing

I'm trying to figure out headings

Headings were tricky but I think I've got it down. Now I'm practicing tags like div and p.

Now I'm learning attributes. I just tried putting in the id attribute. So far, I think I did it right.

Working with text

In this section, I'll be working with span tags. I just made the content within the span tag blue with the style attribute. What other attributes affect content?

I think they are used to separate text inline or on the same line of code. They don't do anything visually to the webpage but they make it easier for the reader of my code to find that text. I think it is a way to highlight text so anyone can do stuff with it later.

Also, I just noticed that heading tags make the word font size smaller as the heading tag number increases. So an h4 tag will create smaller text than an h3 heading. That's the only difference between header tags. So I don't think it matters if I use an h2 tag before an h3 tag if needed.

Now, I'm going to use other tags, em and strong. An em tag adds emphasis to a word. It looks like this. A strong tag makes a word look bold. It looks like this.

Lastly, I'm going to play with line breaks. The tag uses the letters, br. I'll use one right now.
I'm still typing the code on the same line as the last sentence but this new sentence should be on a new line. Also of note, a line break does not need a closing tag.

Last bits of Intro to HTML Course

Lists: Unordered and Ordered

Here is an unordered list

Here is an ordered list

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Put on clothes
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Comb hair
  6. Grab what you need when out
  7. Put steel-toe shoes on
  8. Grab keys, wallet, face mask, pocket knife, and cell phone

Here is an image
of a cat in an office